Janet’s Journey – Part 1

Oct 11, 2022

Janet is an RECE in Windsor-Essex and a participant in the WERECE Mentorship Program. Follow Janet as she documents her experiences as a mentor and co-learner.

Mentor or Mentee: that is the Question  🙂 Initial thoughts upon hearing about the mentoring/mentee program: love the idea of a mentoring program (first one to register, so I was told). I have thought that something like this should have been initiated for a long time. So excited!!!!!

Interview was so fun and relaxed with Barb and Alicia and confirmed that I knew this was meant to be. Feelings: excited and a bit nervous, too.

August 25, 2022 I found out they had a match for me. She is currently working at the EarlyON centre and doing her education online through Fanshaw college. Feelings: happy but a bit scared too. What if I did not live up to her expectations, what if we did not click? Still overly excited though and open to the new experience that is about to unfold. 🙂

Sept 7, 2022, I finally get to meet her. Yippee! Zoom meeting at 6:30 pm with Alicia to help with the introductions. A bit nervous but confident that being in the field for 36 years I have ideas and knowledge to pass on, but also ready to learn from a new friend entering the field. My first reaction: wow, she is young but presents herself so confidently. I like her. Her eagerness to learn is obvious and as Alicia leaves the conversation to let us chat alone, I am no longer nervous, simply happy to be embarking on this journey with my new friend. We talk about family, personal interests, pets, childcare, and I feel a connection and hopefully she does too. I feel my experience will help her and am a bit surprised but think her eagerness and youthfulness will revive and invigorate me. I am beginning to think we are both mentors ready to learn from each other. The mentor/mentee designation seems to be fading a bit. After leaving the conversation online I message her, and she responds immediately. Positive sign. 🙂

To be continued . . .