Volunteer Program
Volunteer Application

There are a number of different positions which may help volunteers meet their personal or career goals.  Our volunteers play a key role in the operations of the Centre and the services we are able to provide. Without each of our volunteers, we would not be able to provide the communities we serve with the standard of excellence our programs provide.  By offering 2-3 hours of your time once or twice a week you can play a vital role in the effective operation of our Centre.

Thank you to all our volunteers who generously give their time, energy and talents to the programs we offer.


Watch Connections’ volunteers share how their role directly supports our Centre! 

What volunteer positions are available?

Child Care Support

Building and Maintenance Volunteer

Drop In and Play Support

Special Events / Special Tasks Volunteer

Talk 2 Me Volunteer

What is V.E.E.R.?

The Volunteer Evaluation and Education Referral (V.E.E.R.) provides the volunteer with an evaluation that may be used for personal reasons such as attaching to a resume when seeking employment or as a reference when applying to education or professional institutions.

We’re always recruiting! For complete job descriptions or to learn more about our volunteer opportunities please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 519.252.9696 or email