Dads Matter Steering Committee

The Dads Matter Steering Committee (DMSC) was established in 2014 under the leadership of Connections Early Years Family Centre and is comprised of community dads and organizations across Windsor and Essex County that work together to recognize and celebrate the important role fathers play in the life of a child.

    Our Vision

    Dads Matter Steering Committee is a network of community partners focused on promoting father involvement in Windsor-Essex County.

    DMSC Objectives:

    • To recognize, celebrate, and increase awareness about the important role that dads (father figures) play in their child’s healthy development.
    • To foster and support a healthy community wide action plan to promote fathers in their role through dad friendly community services.
    • To support organizations to help dads access community resources, education, health programs, and opportunities.
    • To educate the community about best practices that promote parental equity and inclusion in father friendly programs.
    • Work in collaboration with the local community, provincial and national dad initiatives.


    Are you a dad or community member who would like more information about the Dads Matter Steering Committee or you would like to learn more about community resources for dads?

    Please call 519-252-9696 and you will be connected directly with someone from the DMSC.